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Miss Home Staging
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“Wow”  was the only thing I could think of saying when I walked in.
Michelle had transformed a very dark living-room and dining-room area into
a warm inviting space.  I didn’t realize that simply changing the color of the
room and placing the furniture at just the right angle could have such a
huge impact!  She placed simple accent pieces and it just made me feel
wonderful inside.  Michelle had a vision that I couldn't even imagine.  I
was so impressed that I can’t wait for her to come and redecorate the rest of
my apartment.
ene Boyd, Bronx NY

P.O. Box 343
Middletown, NY 10940
Tel: 917-453-1854
When Michelle came to me I didn’t know where to begin.  I knew that
a lot of things needed to be changed.  I knew that my house had a
clutter issue and I didn’t know what should be thrown away or what
should be kept.  By organizing my house she helped organize my life.  
First she developed a plan of action.  We separated what needed to
stay and what needed to be discarded, and then we held a garage
sale.  I made so much money selling things I knew I would never use
again.  I kept the same colors the previous owners used since I was
scared of change. I’ve always loved seeing how other people used
color in their home but was afraid to use bold colors in my own
home.  Michelle and I sat down with her color wheel and we chose
some fabulous colors for my walls. I recently purchased a new living
room suite and she helped me pick it out and arrange it in the room.  
My room looks amazing. Thank you Miss Home Staging! With all of
your staging tips my house sold for above the asking price.

                                                                        Mrs. Dalton, Florida, New York
I heard about Miss Home Staging through friends.  Although my
husband and I weren’t moving or putting our house on the market;
we’re empty nester's and need to redefine some rooms. I heard
Michelle does a wonderful job designing spaces, so I gave her a call.  
Michelle was very professional and provided us with some great
ideas that worked well with the colors I recently picked out.  It was a
winning combination.  Now we make full use of both rooms.  Thank
you Miss Home Staging, you’re the best.

                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin, Newburgh New York