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Faced with a massive glut of unsold properties, many would be sellers are
struggling to make their homes stand out in today's market. According to a U.S.
News article posted on March 24, 2009, many can dramatically improve their
chances of making a sale by devoting attention to an overlooked corner of real
estate marketing: home staging.

  • Remember it doesn't matter how nice your house is, there's always room
    for improvement.

  • Spice up a room by adding some color.  White is nice but color is better.

  • New window treatments can add new life to a room.

  • If you have a back yard, clean and remove debris, weeds and dead or dying

  • Minimize distractions by cleaning and de-cluttering.

  • Patch holes, make repairs.
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No matter how nice your house is, the worst thing to do in today's market is nothing.
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